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Ceremony, Relationships and Communal Living

Updated: May 29, 2021

I recently appeared on Russell Brand's Under The Skin podcast and talked about the topics and issues that are important to me. You can listen to the audio podcast on Russell's website here or watch the interview on Youtube here.

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21 gen 2022

Hi Wendy, I am thrilled as I listen to you speak of ceremony, and the devolution of our humanity by forcing us into the cities, and the nuclear family! Please would you mind giving me the name and author of the book you mentioned in your interview with Russel Brand? By Samboota Surmay?? I'm sure I don't have the right spelling as nothing came up on a search for that name. Thank you in advance. I feel the same way as you. I have had to be a single mom to 5 children, and it's bizarre to think I'm supposed to do this all by myself, basically. Love your philosophy as I came to the same cocnclusion from r…

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