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Wendy's new book "This Way Up: Remembering Who We Are"

At last, Wendy's book is available on Amazon Kindle.

It is called "This Way Up: Remembering Who We Are" by Wendy Mandy.

Here is the link

“A wonderful leader and healer, Wendy has so much to say about ceremony, family, relationships and plant medicine.”

“Wendy Mandy has saved my life by reminding me who I am. A millennium’s worth of wisdom in one human, Wendy Mandy has done the work. We should all listen keenly so we can do our own.”

Benji B, Radio 1 DJ

“The needles are one thing, the pinpoint accuracy of Wendy’s insight is another. Wendy has a brilliant ability to understand people.”

John Vincent, CEO, LEON

“Wendy has profoundly changed my life. I’ve been begging her to write a book to share her knowledge. She is one of the most important teachers of our time.”

Vanessa Kirby, Actress (The Crown)

“Wendy is an exceptional person. She offers a healing of the brain and the heart. I leave her rooms feeling an extraordinary calm and centeredness. She has connected me to a powerful world of ancestral knowledge.”

James Fox, Writer

“I wind myself up all day, and [with] Wendy it’s the opposite; it’s about releasing. She’s a shaman, so she can guide you but you have to find out for yourself.”

Goldie, Artist and DJ

"This book is wise and more needed than ever"


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